Welcome, aspiring writers and copyeditors.

You’ve entered a site where one passionate ghostwriter and one passionate copyeditor meet, copyedits and red ink fly, and anybody watching benefits from the glorious aftermath.

You have questions; we have answers.

What’s the purpose of this site?

  • Show you how cool and fun copyediting is.
  • Show you basic copyediting techniques.
  • Satisfy an obsessive-compulsive urge to use red strike-throughs.

    How will this site help you?
    You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at copyediting by reviewing past edits. (Put another way, it had better help or it won’t be online for long.)

    What type of content will you see?

    • Video tutorials demonstrating copyediting.
    • Textual tutorials showing rough drafts we’ve copyedited.
    • Links to interesting copyediting tips, news, and fellow editors.
    • Personal copyediting rants, opinions, and questionable humor.

    What this site is NOT
    A competition with fellow editors. We already know we’re not perfect (Well, our wives do at least). We want to encourage copyediting, not compete over it. We’ll link to other great editors to bring our readers even more copyediting knowledge.

    Who’s behind this site?

    Shane Arthur@shanearthur
    Shane is a freelance editor/proofreader, and considers himself the unofficial editing/proofreading sheriff of the Internet (although he believes he’ll never be good enough, or know enough…and what fun would that be if at 38 he already knew everything?). He’s edited/proofed for such noted bloggers as Brian Clark, James Chartrand, Terry Whalin, Jon Morrow, Mark McGuinness, Chris Garrett, Sean Platt, and Glenn Murray. Shane was a computer instructor prior to editing, and he creates video screen-cast tutorials (with notable past works being Tubetorial.com and Teachingsells.com), so creating educational sites such as this comes natural. With his few seconds of spare time, he runs a creative writing site called  Creative Copy Challenge.

    Sean Platt@SeanPlatt
    Sean Platt is an author and ghostwriter, who writes weekdays at Writer Dad. He is one half of the Collective Inkwell, frequent contributor to Copyblogger, and taller than over 98% of the population. He also bumps his head on ceiling fans and low hanging lights…a lot.

    Why the name Editing Hacks?
    We wanted a site that would hack away at the time necessary to hack away flabby writing, so Editing Hacks it was.


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