Hack The Flab

I edit.

So I see my fair share of flab.

I know what to look for, but 396-and-counting examples of flab is hard to spot…even for me.

I got tired of flab slipping through my initial hawk-eye edit, so I created a lazy-bastard crutch macro that finds and highlights all the flab.

I’m sharing this list with you (in 10-item chunks). It took me months to compile, so you better appreciate it, dammit! ;)

Flabby words/phrases kill your writing and waste your readers’ time.  The following posts explain why certain words and phrases represent flab:

  1. Hack The Flab #1
  2. Hack The Flab #2
  3. Hack The Flab #3
  4. Hack The Flab #4
  5. Hack The Flab #5
  6. Hack The Flab #6
  7. Hack The Flab #7
  8. Hack The Flab #8
  9. Hack The Flab #9
  10. Hack The Flab #10
  11. Hack The Flab #11
  12. Hack The Flab #12

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